The right way to experience food. Bonetta dell'Oglio
Bonetta's ideas for a special cousine

Bonetta dell'Oglio reckons she is lucky. Not only is Sicily the richest region in Biodiversity, it is also the place were you still find Genuine Ingredients, the best Artisan Food, and a living Millenary Tradition. Because of her passion and through her experience first as a Chef and then as a Slow Food Ambassador, she has grown to think that Raw Materials and Agriculture are fundamental. In her opinion a quality Chef should first train by a farmer, learn the Seasonality and Raw Materials, what happens in a Vegetable Garden, and how animals should be grown. Only at the end of such a training they would touch the pots.

What is passion for this sicilian woman


"Passion and love are the only reasons that allow a chef to do his job well."

Growing in a place where food was always the heart of every event, holiday, Christmas, Easter, has been a present. There were always some traditional dishes that her grand mothers and mother were preparing. This has given to Bonetta dell'Oglio an enormous experience and she has met gastronomy since she was a child.

Like every respectable sicilian family, pass on the culinary traditions has been for millenniums stuff for women. The Art of Receipt, and the will to give emotions through the tastes, has been in Sicily from ever. She loves to spread her culture all around the world. What pure and good is still alive in Sicily, and how much can be interesting and deep the idea of feeding people. Genuine Agriculture is for her the first step to make happy food, that makes people happy. 


​One day I heard on the radio that tastes of Japanese youth was as fond of Italian kitchen as the Italians were of Sushi. After the first distress, thinking that Italians would lose their sense of quality and taste, I came up with the idea of Sushiliano. This is my idea of  Japanise Sushi revisited in my Sicilian way.

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