La Rivoluzione in un chicco - Grain Revolution

The good fortune to grow up in contact with nature.
What develops within us if we listen to nature, even through its observation. How many of you have been lucky enough to walk in a field of wheat? Thinking that tomorrow will be your special pasta?
This is what happens to each of us, when we get closer to nature thinking that it will give us nourishment.
From these reflections, and from years of experimenting in the kitchen, and meetings that life hands you, comes the "Rivoluzione in un chicco". The idea of ​​Bonetta is characterized in the opening of dialogues with all persons handling the food, chef, bakers, pizza makers, mothers, children, grandparents, fans, curious and gastronomes. Everyone has the right to bread of every day, which is always a healthy and nutritious bread. Unfortunately, today this we are no longer able to secure it.
The history of Sicily about cereals goes very far away, and we get to 5000 years ago.

What we deeply feel, is to defend freedom. The freedom of a civilization that has evolved having the good fortune of having a rich and generous land. The grain is the first expression of human cultivation. Making bread is the act "most agricultural" and what we want is that the bread, pasta and everything that comes from the flours, must be both healthy and nutritious. Our children have the right to grow up being able to feed freely. This is the moment in wich Bonetta dell'Oglio founded Grain Revolution,a cultural movement that moves to sensitize the people to select their purchases, to pretend that you eat Sicilian food in Sicily as in every country, you should eat food grown by local farmers. The aim is to boost the independence of each country, the quality of food, say NO to GMOs, and to reduce significantly the use of chemicals in agriculture, but first of all, planting the old cereals that have been developing in harmony and balance between man and nature within 5000 years of work. Join her in this fundamental work.